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Mart Helme doesn't really represent all Estonians, he is from the lunatic fringe of the right-wing populist party (that got 17% of votes in the last election).

On the other hand, when you actually live next to Russia as a NATO member, you don't necessarily want the boys in Washington to turn your country into a burned wasteland of superpower conflict.

Around half of the Estonians see NATO as a protection, but actively seeking a fight with Russians is not actually protecting them, is it?

Everyone in Estonia knows that if there is any kind of military conflict with NATO and Russia, Estonia is overrun before nobody in Brussels notices. And that any counter-action by NATO means fighting in Estonia.

So, NATOs role is not to seek fight, but give Estonia a false sense of security. When there is a conflict, like the Bronze Soldier thing way back when, that doesn't reach the level of a shooting war, Estonia finds itself left alone and having to resolve the issue with Russia, not with Washington or Brussels. So while NATO offers protection, security is defined by relations with Russia.

by pelgus on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 at 12:32:59 PM EST
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