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A long way until the Inauguration of President Joe Biden .... just like Rome, the world may be burning.

Analysis | Will Netanyahu Strike Iran? Unlikely, but Trump Might | Haaretz |

Faced with the most unpredictable president to ever sit in the White House, Israeli officials are trying to decipher Trump's intentions about Iran until January.

Mike Pompeo will visit the Middle East, including Israel, next week. The timing is interesting. What could the outgoing U.S. secretary of state be after here, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging and his boss supposedly packing his bags after his clear-cut loss to Joe Biden in the presidential election?

Is Trump plotting a war against Iran? | WSWS |

The growing speculation is driven not only by Pompeo's visit to Israel, which is to include the first-ever appearance by a US secretary of state at a Zionist settlement in the occupied West Bank. Earlier this week, the former Iran-Contra conspirator Elliott Abrams, who is the Trump administration's special envoy on both Iran and Venezuela, arrived in Israel for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And the Jerusalem Post reported that US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley held a video call Thursday with his counterpart, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi.

The powers of the President to strike "terror" has been expanded by successive presidents since George Bush, the 9/11 Saudi attacks on America and the War Powers Resolution of 2002. No one reckoned with a Trump presidency and mental state.

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