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France's Macron meets with Pompeo, calls for European independence | DW |

Pompeo's meetings in France to be held in 'complete transparency' with Biden team, says Macron

Macron walks diplomatic tightrope while hosting Trump ally Pompeo | France24 |

Ongoing disagreements

In contrast to some other EU leaders, Macron sought from the outset to win over Trump, making him the guest of honour at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris in 2017 - a trip that included a dinner with their spouses on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

But analysts say that the French leader has little to show for his efforts, with Trump pulling the US out of the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord and the two leaders also locking horns on Iran, trade and taxing digital giants.

"The strong relationship between our countries cannot be overestimated, and I'm looking forward to my discussions here in Paris," Pompeo tweeted soon after his arrival on Saturday.

But there was ample scope for friction.

EU leaders are also still trying to save a hard-won international deal to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions, which Trump ripped up early in his term.

A senior Trump administration official told the press that Washington's policy of "maximum pressure" on historic foe Iran was "not going to stop in the coming months".

Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Stockpile | NY Times |

A strike on Iran's main nuclear site at Natanz could flare into a regional conflict and pose a serious foreign policy challenge for Biden.

Biden's transition team, which has not had access to national security intelligence due to the Trump administration's refusal to begin the transition, declined to comment for this story.

In 2012 President Obama blocked Israel and Netanyahu from executief a strike on Iran. In 2019 Trump backed down from a retaliatory strike on Iran's Quds military force only to assassinate commander Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq. This resulted in US Forces drawing down in Iraq and leaving the region to outside powers.

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