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Microsoft Denounces NSO Group as 21st Century Cyber-Mercenary, Its New "Zero-Click" Exploit Targets Al Jazeera

It in uncharacteristic of me to praise any technology executive or company.  In fact, I have often criticized such companies and their policies here. But Microsoft president, Brad Smith, deserves such credit. He published a landmark essay which laid down a marker for all other technology companies.  It called out cyber-hacking as a global evil that must be addressed both in the United State and around the world.  It called for states to join together to thwart such cyber-attacks, and legislate companies which profit from them out of business.. It is clarion-call for reform of U.S. cyber-security laws and a global effort to confront the cyber-hacking. I'm especially highlighting the portions relevant to the Israeli cyber-hacking company, NSO Group, which is the biggest player in this field ...  

The Kingdom Came to Canada: How Saudi-Linked Digital Espionage Reached Canadian Soil  | Citizens Lab |

In this report, we describe how Canadian permanent resident and Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz was targeted with a fake package delivery notification. We assess with high confidence that Abdulaziz's phone was infected with NSO's Pegasus spyware. We attribute this infection to a Pegasus operator linked to Saudi Arabia.

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