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but seriously...
"We are leaving the EU THEREFORE we are taking back control of our fisheries" is one of the biggest fattest non-sequiturs of the whole circus...

The UK has had arrangements with its neighbours for centuries about fishing boats in its sovereign waters... including the centuries when Brittannia literally ruled the waves. The neighbours are now all in the EU (except Norway and Iceland), but the idea that Brexit puts them in a stronger position in these negotiations is a bit odd. Boris putting the issue front and centre for the do-or-die cliff-edge negotiations was always a bit risky... and  now he has effectively died, without a wimper, on this issue. Very Boris of him.

As for the UK fishing people crying ruin... I find this odd, they certainly haven't lost anything. One supposes that some have made big investments to increase their capacity, based on a Boris promise. They should have bought Boris insurance.

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by eurogreen on Tue Dec 29th, 2020 at 03:30:15 PM EST
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