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You can't make that sh*t up, episode MMXXXLLL:

Boris Johnson's father applying for French citizenship - Politico.eu

PARIS -- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's father said on Thursday he wanted to become a French citizen to maintain his ties with the European Union after Brexit.

"If I understand it correctly, I am French. My mother was born in France, her mother was totally French as was her grandfather. So for me it is about reclaiming what I already have. And that makes me very happy," Stanley Johnson, told RTL radio.

"I will always be a European, that's for sure. One cannot tell the British people: you are not Europeans. Europe is more than the single market. Having a tie with the European Union is important," he added in French.

Both father and son are fully fluent in French, BTW; not that this is unusual for the British upper crust (or the Royal family).

by Bernard on Thu Dec 31st, 2020 at 01:31:36 PM EST

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