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Thanks for your insight Helen. Personally I don't see a United Ireland in the next 10 years, come what economic carnage that may come. The divisions are much more deep rooted than that, and it doesn't take a lot of people to mount a terrorist campaign.

I don't think most unionists yet realise just how dis-engaged most Brexteers are with the union of Britain & N. Ireland except in a purely ideological and symbolic way. It will take the £10 Billion p.a. economic subsidy to come under threat for them to realise this.

And even then Ireland would have to come up with a credible plan for how that £10 Billion will be replaced and how any new political arrangements will be to everyone's benefit. This is all doable but requires a lot of vision, hard work and good will on all sides which may not be available in the short term.

Given the choice between the devil they know (the status quo) and some uncertain future, a majority will always opt for the status quo. The challenge is to create a vision of the future almost everyone can believe will be better. I don't see many people working on that atm.

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