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As in a trading relationship in which NZ farmers got to export all the milk and butter they wanted? Like a shot.

Obviously, there is more to it than that: regulations, common standards etc. But NZ is used to that sort of thing in its FTAs, and NZ farmers are awfully good at getting NZ politicians to swallow anything to give them a bigger market. And the broad alignment of values with the EU means the actual FTA we are negotiating has so far avoided the controversy such deals usually attract (probably because, thanks to the ECJ, there will be no ISDS clause. Thanks, ECJ!) (would being subject to the ECJ be an issue, given the hatred of ISDS clauses? Less so, I think, because its a real court, with a real and long established body of law, not just rich people going "wah wah government did something I don't like pay me all the imaginary money I thought I'd make if law and society didn't exist". Its not seen as undermining democracy or being opposed to the existence of legislatures in the same way that ISDS "tribunals" are).

by IdiotSavant on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 at 10:26:41 PM EST
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