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Brexiteers have explicitly argued for Irexit, and even Remainers seem to think we should now throw in our lot with Britain because of "the historic ties between us". They seem utterly oblivious to the fact that those ties were over-archingly about involuntary dominance and submission, and that almost no one wants to go there again.

Their insensitivity to political feelings outside their immediate orbit is absolutely stunning. Just because we give them a warm welcome when they come here on holidays and many British expats have made their home here does not mean we want to have anything to do with British rule again, other than in the same way as European countries will maintain cordial relations with them.

For 40 odd years they did nothing but insult the EU and its members, and in N. Ireland they colluded with loyalist paramilitaries to kill innocent civilians and even set off bombs in Dublin and Monaghan and now were are supposed to be best buds. NOT going to happen.

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