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Has China Won?: The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy | Kishore Mahbubani

Book Review: Has China Won?

Mahbubani's latest book, published in April 2020, is a crucial guide to understanding the modern U.S.-China relationship and why this relationship has been marred by such hostility in recent times. This is not a book written by an armchair expert on U.S.-China relations looking to profit from the animosity between two nations. This is also not a book written by a politician to pander to their supporters or voting base. Instead, taking advantage of over three decades of hands-on diplomatic experience, Mahbubani has put forth an unrelentingly realist and highly authoritative book on the twenty-first century's greatest geopolitical contest.

In nine chapters, Mahbubani's diplomatic skill shines as he systematically explores the U.S.-China relationship while carefully balancing both sides of this sensitive story, but also lambasts American exceptionalism in the tradition of Harvard professor Stephen M. Walt, author of The Myth of American Exceptionalism , labeling it as one of the significant ideological barriers preventing the United States from seeing reason.

  • Confrontion at Indian border in the Himalayas ...

  • Developmennts in Hong Kong ...

  • Military struggle for China's claim on Taiwan ...

  • The intervention in Nepal ...
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