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It was just a lark?

As it now goes down the wire, the choice comes down to hard Brexit or whatever deal Barnier negotiated with some minor adjustments (and a photo-op with Johnson and a fish). Given the UKs inability to formulate its negotiation positions internally, it is going to be mostly Barnier's team that have written the texts.

That choice in return comes down to what Johnson really, really wants. And given that he is all phoney nonchalance, who knows?

I am reminded of Henderson's Failure of a mission, where Henderson - the Brittish ambassador to Germany in the late 30ies - lays out their plans to embolden the peace wing of the nazi party through the Münich agreement and how it failed because they hadn't understood that Hitler was leading the war wing. Sometimes history does come down to individuals, mostly men with to much power and to little sense.

by fjallstrom on Wed Dec 9th, 2020 at 09:48:30 AM EST
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