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Bejamin Fox sez, There's never a good time to have a political crisis
The Joint Committee on North-South ["]arrangements["] needs to be formed and make their recommendations, which then need to be implemented. With the devolved government in Northern Ireland back in office for only a month after three years of statis, that was going to be difficult anyway.
At first glance, I'm skeptical that such a discrete body, were it to form, could purchase international trade "influence" from either IE or UK legislatures. I surmise, the only function of "North-South" governance est'd. thus far is consultative research stipulated by the GFA and subsequent Art. 2, Art. 3 in the Protocol. I presume greater interest in maintenance of the CTA eclipses partisan vicissitudes or BREXIT "red tape", while noting that perfect alignment of civil liberties on the islands is proscribed by divergent judicial recourse--UK Supreme Court or CJEU. Here are inconveniences amenable to localized cures.

Perhaps Fox expects IHREC Joint Committee's (NI and IE delegates) ex parte judgment on human rights compliance might dictate a EU-UK tariff resolution? This seems to me as unlikely as armed IHREC divisions taking up borderless patrols during or after expiry of the WA "transition period". Art.5 of the Protocol refers UK-EU Joint Committee and Specialised Committees (pl.) authority to review implementation of EU trade regs, removing arbitration from North-South controversy to its global scope--union:union--WA Art. 164-166. The committees' term effectively is one year, and will meet once, 1 July 2020, for consideration of WA modification and extension, if any. Such tribulations are more likely to  confirm than inform terms and conditions of the final trade agreement--including permanent maintenance of the Joint Committee dispute settlement (Title III). Ireland's North-South "arrangements" ultimately will follow, not lead, executive decisions.

I've not found committees' member lists or schedules; that does not mean none exist or circulate through UK-EU gov channels. Until 1 July, one may speculate about committee composition drawn from the unions' respective pools of parliamentary and TBTF cadres as well as executive representatives. For the EU, appointments from Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom; for the UK, cabinet "shuffles" and subterfuges in the state department assure lingering confusion about any joint ventures.

Joint Committee of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, "Policy statement on the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union," Mar 2018, 18 pp

The Common Travel Area (CTA) has been referred to as a mechanism for facilitating cross-border working after withdrawal. Research commissioned by the Joint Committee suggests, however, that in terms of service provision, this could infringe 'Most Favoured Nation' rules under the World Trade Organisation 'General Agreement on Trade in Services' since the CTA is not recognised by the WTO as a Preferential Trade Agreement whereas an EU-UK comprehensive trade deal would be.
Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, North-South Joint Committee meets at Stormont, May 2019
parliament.uk, Chapter 2: The Withdrawal Agreement
Neither the Withdrawal Agreement nor the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill makes provision for parliamentary oversight of the Joint Committee. In our March 2019 report Beyond Brexit: how to win friends and influence people, we expressed concern both over "the lack of transparency in the work of the ... Joint Committee", and over the lack of any provision for the UK Parliament to oversee or influence its work. We urged that "a new mechanism should be adopted" to enable either House to require the Government either to raise concerns in the Joint Committee about specific proposals that could have a detrimental impact upon the UK, or to place an issue on the Joint Committee's agenda. To facilitate effective scrutiny, we also called for meeting schedules, agendas, decisions and recommendations of the Joint Committee to be made available to Parliament in timely fashion.
Brexit: Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland
Brexit deal approved by the European Parliament
Implementing the Withdrawal Agreement
gov.ie, Brexit and You: Northern Ireland
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