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Apparently some in the UK have been interpreting Varadker's defeat as some kind of retribution for his perceived hard line on Brexit in the Withdrawal agreement negotiations. If they think Varadker was hard line, they should try dealing with Sinn Fein! They play a long game. If it takes ten years to negotiate a FTA, so be it as far as they are concerned. In fact ratification of any FTA could become subject to agreement to a re-unification referendum...

And for Brexiteers thinking that Irexit is sure to follow Brexit, it is worth noting that Brexit simply didn't feature in the election. Once a hard border in Ireland was avoided, nobody cared if they Brits choose to shoot themselves in both feet, The feeling is obviously mutual, because Boris has just sacked the only half way sane and able Secretary of State Northern Ireland has had in decades - indeed since Mo Mowlem in 1997.

John Waters, prominent Spectator journalist and the chief proponent of Irexit got 925 votes, less than 1.5%, in Dun Laoghaire, the most pro-British constituency in the state - as I predicted in an unpublished letter to the Editor of that august periodical - when they published an article of his saying that an anti-EU party could have won the 2016 general election.

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