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For all the talk of revolution and seismic events, there has, to date, been remarkably little fall-out in terms of the party Leaderships. Only Brendan Howlin has announced his intention to step down as leader of the Labour party, but he had to be press-ganged into take the job in the first place, and at 63, this was always going to be his last election.

There have been some rumblings about Varadker's continued leadership of Fine Gael, but these have come from the old guard who never supported him anyway. Michael Martin's position in Fianna Fail remains unchallenged, despite this being his third election without a victory.

The other parties all did relatively well, so naturally there is no pressure on their leaderships. All this could change when or if a government is eventually formed, but it is hard to see any government being formed given the refusal of the big three parties to work with each other. It would then be up to electorate to dictate the terms of the cull.

Leo Varadker will remain as caretaker PM while attempts are made to form a government, unable to make big decisions but still appearing at European summits etc. to represent the nation and dealing with issues such as Brexit where he is perceived to have performed well. The longer that goes on, the longer the status quo will be seen to prevail - to the frustration of a large part of the electorate.

He will be hoping that the underlying growth of the economy will continue to provide more jobs and houses for those who need them, and that the current plateauing of house prices and rents continues. Fine Gael always favoured "market solutions" to social problems anyway.

But the people have spoken and overwhelmingly voted for change: They are not going to take kindly to that vote being frustrated. Something or someone is going to have to give somewhere, or the next election is going to be a very angry affair.

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