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The function of state committees for each of these private political organizations (corporations, club, association, party) operates on every political division of that state: The two "market participants" monopolize elected (and appointed) offices, colloq "up and down ballot". Conversely, each state's legislature, divided into the two parties representatives, control electoral process--not least of which voters' eligibility--within that state. Were the parties' representatives in the US Congress to grant themselves that authority constitutionally reserved to the states (an DNC initiative which I have denounced), the sham of a democractic polity would completely collapse around the republic, which it is.

Wounding the vanities of some pubic intellectuals and prolific authors of fiction.

Indeed, (nation) states that constitute the EP resist incorporation of their sovereign prerogatives and powers into an unelected executive body politic. This condition--weakness of EU gov--is the principle barrier to transnational organization by "elites."

by Cat on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 at 11:32:28 PM EST
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