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The US has been moving, step by step, away from the original republican system. The very one that consumed its junior partners in Greece.

I say again. Let Walter Scheidel draw you a picture. Your challenge, evidently, is to describe how the US Congress (1789-present) has not recreated the Roman republic --its social structures, legal institutions, Ponzi economy, cliens, protector(ates), patroni, and coloniae among the ahh united nations.

Waiting for the entire system to re-work--by WHOM?--when the climate catastrophe becomes obvious enough--to WHOM?--a strange proposition, somewhat antithetical to shady principles of Enlightenment which have seized the imaginations of doctrinaire liberals for several centuries.

By which "systemic" -ism would you prefer to address human civitas after the next crisis? Polis state has a ring to it, yes?

by Cat on Sat Feb 8th, 2020 at 02:43:18 AM EST
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