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Sinn Féin to try to form ruling coalition after Irish election success | The Guardian |

Ireland's single transferrable vote system of proportional representation means it could be Monday, Tuesday or even later before all Dáil seats are allocated.

With 96% of first-preference votes tallied on Sunday, Sinn Féin had 24.1%, with Fianna Fáil on 22.1%, Fine Gael on 22.1%, Greens on 7.4%, and small leftwing parties and independents comprising the rest.

It was a stunning result for Sinn Féin, which was the IRA's political wing during the Troubles and remained a fringe party in the republic until well after the 1998 Good Friday agreement.

It surpassed its 2016 election result of 13.8% by appealing to voters - especially the young - who felt left behind by a booming economy and chafed at soaring rents, homelessness, insurance costs and hospital waiting lists.

Preliminary vote tallies suggested Sinn Féin could win around 36 seats, up from 22 in the outgoing Dáil, far exceeding its own expectations.

Many candidates ratcheted up huge surpluses in urban heartlands while others appeared on course for unexpected victories in Galway, Tipperary, Roscommon, Mayo and Wexford.

Gerry Adams, who stepped down as party leader in 2018 and as a Dáil member in this election, credited McDonald's leadership and said he had not foreseen the extent of the gains. He said Sinn Féin would use its mandate to plan for a united Ireland - a defining tenet for the party.

Members of the 33rd Dáil

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Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin softens stance on Sinn Fein coalition

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
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