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Ciarán Hancock: business leaders embrace reality after votes are counted
There was plenty of muttering among business leaders before the election about how awful it would be to have Sinn Féin in power, but realism and pragmatism has quickly set in since the votes were counted.

Businesses make adjustments to their external environment all the time, and are past masters at reinventing themselves.

Most of the State's biggest property developers ended up in Nama post the 2008 economic crash. The savvy ones gritted their teeth, served their time, and came out the other end chastened but back in business. They are now building most of the offices and homes under construction around the country.

By comparison to the fallout from the crash, living with Mary Lou in government would be a walk in the park.

Unlike the USA and to a lesser extent, the UK, business leaders in Ireland are not universally aligned with right wing parties and are often pragmatic about the political environment. I'm not so sure about US hedge funds though. Good riddance.

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