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Was waiting on direction. Got some, but nothing solid. Slide me a little discrete info re: shelter/income boundaries, I'll pursue specific leads with informed contacts. Bal'more homeless predicament is a HOT mess and frankly is not now receiving urgent attention from City or state govs b/c of COVID19.

General: Mayor's Office of Homeless Services

Organizer of @unitedworkers (not a labor union) touched base late afternoon, with UPDATE on coordination of issue committees--fragmented by neighborhood--forming a political action (PAC) position vis-a-vis City hall intransigence. Inside city council just informed UW, mayor is sitting on a $90M slush fund and am so I irked now, I will not rest until #Baltimore has discovered every. pain. point incumbents have hidden until election day.

A 10-pt letter of demands circulate over weekend emerged today as PR. The overriding response to COVID19 economic adversity is securing from municipal gov existing housing and UI relief curing the working poor tenuous stock and dependencies. (Several HH fin solutions already packaged in Hogan EOs and Annapolis bill(s), that adjourned Fri. until further notice.) @unitedworkers facilitates "Fair Development" issues from affordable housing/land trust capitalization over the past 4 years to the Bal'more Zero Waste Plan, formally launched 9 March, to decommission Bal'more incinerator plant.

anyhoo, holla back anytime.

by Cat on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 at 01:42:08 AM EST
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