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His great-grandmother would not have accepted any order from the PM ...

Dutch King's Speech On The Coronavirus Pandemic | NL Times |

Abstract / a quote:

We can also be proud of the specialists at the RIVM (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the municipal health services and all the other expert bodies that are showing us the way with information based on scientific research and knowledge based on experience. Y

They are under enormous pressure. It's important that we continue to place our trust in them and follow all their instructions. Their one and only aim is to get us through this crisis together as best we can whilst minimising the risks for those who are vulnerable.

Almost religious trust to be placed in their experts .. no one should question their "science".

From a good friend of mine who is a senior advisor to members of Dutch Parliament, most knew Mark Rutte was deceiving the public about his "herd immunity" policy. However oppostion parties decided it was more important to show unity. Horrible, what is parliament for in a democracy, but to scrutinize policy put in place for health and welfare of tens of thousands.

RIVM and the regional GGD have NOT followed the instructions from the WHO based on experience about the CoV-2 outbreak in SE Asia and China. I will add a graph below ...

'Sapere aude'

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