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Deaths from Covid-19 infections now exceed 10,000, with Italy now reporting more deaths than China. The USA and UK have been surging up the league table while Germany is maintaining a remarkably low mortality rate given the number of infections.  

I have sorted the table by deaths rather than cases because the number of cases found depends on the level of testing being carried out. The USA has only recently commenced widespread testing and the UK only tests where hospital admissions are required.

Wiki has an excellent table (snap shot above) where you can click on each country to get a more detailed analysis of cases by country.

Case and mortality numbers are generally increasing by about 30% per day (implying a doubling every 3 days) but the overall global rate of increase is being reduced by the success of China and some Asian states in curtailing the pandemic.

The effects of school, pub and restaurant closures, social distancing, and remote working are not expected to become apparent until a week or so after their widespread introduction. Ireland had a 50% increase today - probably a consequence of a major ramping up of the number of tests being completed.

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