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Chris Johns puts up an interesting proposal that the €15 Billion in the Apple tax appeal escrow account should be used to fund Ireland's Covid-19 counter measures.

Obviously Apple would have to agree to drop their appeal, something he suggests they might not be too averse to doing in the current emergency situation - especially given they may not see that money again for several years even if they win their Appeal against the Commission ruling that they had under paid taxes due.

Certainly there is no harm in the government asking. Apple hardly need the money, and the PR benefit of conceding such a large amount of cash for humanitarian purposes would be considerable. On the other hand, it is probably not a precedent they would like to set.

However attitudes to corporate tax avoidance have hardened very considerably in recent years and Apple could take the view that that cash is all but lost anyway. Time for an enlightened pragmatic view?

Trump will not be pleased as he has his own eyes on profits earned by US corporates abroad. But who cares what Trump thinks any more? Clare County Council have just refused him permission to build a sea wall at his golf resort in Doonbeg.

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