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Twitter Trump intervention Fauci on trial drug chloroquine ...

Fauci throws cold water on Trump's declaration that malaria drug chloroquine is a 'game changer'

??? Dutch patients as guinea pigs for American BIG Pharma ???

New medicine used on CoV-2 patients in Red Zone of Brabant | AD.nl |

Pulmonologists are with their hands in the hair because there is no effective treatment for the coronavirus. A new Dutch guideline that specialists discussed yesterday states that there is still insufficient evidence for the effect of the medicines referred to in the guideline. Some may even do more damage than they do right. "In practice, we have not yet seen much effect from those medicines in Brabant, but patients do suffer from side effects."

The first treatment results make the chairman of the Dutch Association of Physicians for Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis (NVALT) sadly disappointed. "What we have seen in practice in the Brabant region so far is that the recommended medicines do not seem to have much effect," explains Van den Toorn. "But at least patients suffer from side effects, such as depressive complaints, nausea and vomiting."

Cardiac arrhythmias

The database for side effects Lareb states that chloroquine can cause serious heart complaints and arrhythmias, for example, in addition to gastrointestinal complaints and headaches. "Do NOT use this medicine if you have this heart rhythm disorder," urgent advice.

According to the lung specialist, who himself works at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the remedy that is "by far the most tried in the Netherlands is "chloroquine", a drug that is also used to prevent malaria. "Not all hospitals are enthusiastic about it, but in most hospitals it is given to the sicker patients." "Whether people in the Netherlands have been saved with this drug? "You can't say that, we don't know much about it yet," admits the foreman. Moreover, he emphasizes: ,, Of course you don't know what would have happened to those people if you had not used the drug.

When patients have a serious infection, doctors are allowed to administer experimental drugs. A number of them are advised by the Working Group on Antibiotics Policy (SWAB) and are already used in hospitals. These drugs have mainly been tested in the laboratory, but barely on humans.

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