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Well, the webinar starts out with survey of conventional peer-reviewed medical journals and clinical experience. Then, more or less slides into controversial "holistic" remedies ("APIs"). Holistic medical is the arch-enemy of synthetic pharmaceutical ("biologic") industry, finessed worldwide by, you guessed it, Research Triangle, USA investors and invidious "medicalization" of every malady and comestible, from cradle to grave. amirite.

What's so hilarious in that segment is, despite the doctor's sultry, teutonic tone, I'm immediately reminded of homely British health care encounters which have complemented NHS srvc since its estabishment, I gathered. This ahh subaltern culture attending "gardening" pastimes was something of a shock to me, while I acclimating to London. When I got back to USA, COME TO FIND OUT, my Robert (M.D.) had while some months in our absence had added cert'd acupuncture [!] treatment to his ahh arsenal. Cold foundation in physics and chem; a more cynical man I've yet to meet.

< wipes tears >

Me? I can't abide needles of any sort except knitting. Having lived with incurable disease for 23 years without benefit of some ahh conventional medicine, I've grown particularly sensitive to market claims, dodgy phase trial stats, and truculent "specialists". Totally out there! In the margin! Total "outlier". I am the control, few want to hear from. I feel for people like my father who've been persuaded by REPUTABLE SCIENTISTS that somehow 40-days irradiation is a cure for a disease he didn't have. I feel for Herr Dr. Klinghart trying to do no harm in the USA.

by Cat on Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 at 01:39:49 AM EST
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