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I know people working in the "complementary medicine" field and have the height of respect for them. I do appreciate they feel threatened by big pharma allied to big government and some are prone to conspiracy theories. However I have also had some remarkable results myself, and would never knock something if it works. It is never irrational to try something else when conventional medicine fails, as it does so often.

That said, Dr. Klinghardt does his cause no good by citing conspiracy theories against 5G and Bill Gates which might have some populist appeal but no substantial evidence in support. It tends to undermine his credibility in general, as does the regulatory action taken against him which result in his licence to practice being suspended for a time even though it related to wrong doing by another medic at a seminar organised by Dr. Klinghardt.

I have a basic problem with "for profit" medical and pharmaceutical systems which have an incentive to maximise profit rather than actually make people well - which ends their revenue stream - and I appreciate anyone advocating for alternative therapies can have very unfair corporate actions taken against them and can have great difficulty making themselves heard above the din of corporate interests. But that does not mean their claims should be beyond scrutiny.

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