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APsplainin Europe eyes smartphone location data to stem virus spread , "community spread"
The tools in question are apps that would use real-time phone-location data to track the movements of VIRUS CARRIERS and the people they come in CONTACT with.
That worries privacy advocates, who fear such ubiquitous surveillance could be abused in the absence of careful oversight, with potentially dire consequences for CIVIL LIBERTIES.
unidentifiable individuals
But there is a powerful argument in favor of more powerful digital tools, even if they SHRED PRIVACY: They have been used by several of the Asian governments most successful at containing the pandemic, including in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. Last week, Israe ...
"estimated as a range"
The White House has reached out to Big Tech companies for help in the worst pandemic in a century, but Google and Facebook both told the AP they are not sharing people's location data with governments. A Google spokesperson said the company was exploring ways to use AGGREGATED LOCATION information against COVID-19, but added that the location data Google normally gathers from phone users isn't accurate enough for CONTACT TRACING.
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