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March 13
https://www.nos.nl/artikel/2327032-code-rood-voor-brabantse-ziekenhuizen-geplande-operaties-mogelijk -afgezegd.html

Voor de bühne ...

Rutte was clearly a proponent of a ill-founded and callous herd immunity policy ... similar and most likely coordinated with British policy coming from Downing Street 10. Also same lack of preparation as used by Trump and the White House, hiding from criticism and dissent. His director RIVM van Dissel is on the same page on herd immunity ...

The signal of code red/black was officially launched early March, as was the promise of 850 IC beds. They are not there as of today.

Nice photo for the PR minister De Jonge on the Erasmus MC in a large empty space. A physical coordination center in a digital age? Putting key persons in harms way in a period of a contagious virus?

No, Mark Rutte has his playbook ready for PR and a coordinated and centralized voice to illustrate unity. No Dr. Fauci in his group of policy makers.

All early clusters infected hospital workers including doctors and nurses. There was insufficient testing available abd as a result there was an outbreak that could not be contsined. All the same bull of its nothing more than a flu and loved ones will die. Tha facts on the ground in Wuhan gave a vast different situation ... time was wasted to protect Dutch citizens. The Dutch and Mark Rutte were criticizes by the WHO, Belgian authorities and most recently from the mayor of Bergamo. No, for Mark Rutte with all his intelligence and long experience at the helm as leader with a top notch healthcare system, he has been an utter failure ... a Conservative a€€hole in his DNA.

You can find his mindset in CNBC interviews at this year's Davos happening and his White House appearance and charade end of January praising president Trump. Do you think Donald kept his calling card? I don't think so.

Of course you May have a different view ... so does my best friend .... sometimes a period of a lockdown has some advantage. 😉

Unfortunately, there is no real opposition party on the left, accept perhaps the Green party ... with a new crisis, no one is mentioning the climate crisis. The Christian Democrats (CDA) of Balkenende and De Hoop Scheffer has moved to the right and are in Rutte's Conservative cabinet. The Dutch have become Liberal in a freemarket sense, but not in progressive values of sustainability. Ever since 9/11 the Dutch have become Islamophobic followed by Xenophobia ... not my kind of people: Wilders and Baudet.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Mar 26th, 2020 at 04:51:54 AM EST
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