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According to the doctor who gave that 20% number (20 out of 100 patients) this is "congruent with the average from other countries". I would also say you can't simply take such a number at face value since it is rather important who is admitted to hospital. People with symptoms are advised to stay home unless their condition worsens. If, for example, there are 1000 corona patients in the area of the hospital it would be a death rate of 2%. On the higher side, but not extreme.
Rutte did seem to imply that the government would aim for herd immunity in general, though in his address he clearly also stated that measures would be taken. Once again while I'm not a fan and I do think the early part was botched, loosing use weeks of time to prepare, I feel your conspiracy theories ("most likely coordinated with British policy"
I'm sure that Rutte erred significantly on the side of not influencing society and (gasp) the economy too much. Especially since the Dutch voters have had a tendency to punish the government in power during crises in the last few decades. But one reason Rutte has been in power for 10 years is that he moves when he sees something isn't going to work, politically but also in reality.

Some other things:

A physical coordination center in a digital age?
Well Yes? A few people in a Rotterdam hospital (who would be on site anyway) are taking part of their day to (digitally!) coordinate the redistribution.

The signal of code red/black was officially launched early March
March was the start of  code red, and thereby the "reveal" of the code system by journalists. That protocol has been in place for far longer. There is still no code black situation anywhere

as was the promise of 850 IC beds. They are not there as of today.
And you are basing this on....? All hospitals are working hard on increasing capacity, but there is no reason why a hospital in, say Amsterdam, should have people standing around an empty IC bed until it is needed. Maybe you are right and the beds wont materialize, but so far I haven't seen any indication that the planning/preparing isn't progressing.

With regard to the lack of testing: Follow the Money, the quite effective investigative journalist group has an interesting piece today. According to them the relative lack of testing is the result of a partial monopoly. Apparently 80% of the machines used for testing are from the same manufacturer (Roche) who is both incapable/unwilling to fulfil demand for the materials needed to do the testing (only 30% of orders are fulfilled) and refuses to release the recipe of one crucial fluid. This also explains how UMCG in Groningen is able to  do far more tests: it has machines from multiple maunfactures
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