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In the last two days I've seen two different facebook cut and paste postings from two very different old friends. One reposted by an anti-abortion maga type purported to be a description of a chance meeting with an old man who very charmingly described how in his day America had real viruses like polio and measels, but didn't let them shut down the country. The other was reposted by a very liberal love to all mankind sort and purported to be from an ER doctor complaining about 3M and P&G not doing their part to get them the equipment they need.
Both stories were several paragraphs long. Both mentioned America winning two world wars because it was so great. Both were unsigned without noting any sort of location. Both felt like fiction from the same writer.
That's some cynical shit.
by Andhakari on Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 at 08:52:01 PM EST

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