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One of the few TV programs willing to do investigative journalism is the Labour party's leftwing VARA Zembla ...

Hiding the corona bodies in Southern province of Brabant where the CoV-2 infections have overwhelmed the hospitals.

GPs: Patients who have died with clear symptoms of coronavirus can not be reported to RIVM and are missing in the official count


A serious matter

General practitioner Angela van Uden from Sint-Oedenrode: "I think it's a crazy state of affairs. As general practitioners, we also see people who are deathly ill in the home situation. Not everyone ends up in the hospital. If these people die at home, they are not counted if they have not been tested. I think that's a bad thing. Precisely because RIVM said yesterday that the situation appears to be stabilizing. They base this on mortality rates and hospital admissions, among other things. But we general practitioners see and treat people who do not appear in these figures. I am afraid that people will ignore the strict measures, and think: it is not so bad. But it is not easy. "

A spokesperson for RIVM confirms that the death rate is based only on confirmed cases of COVID-19. Suspicions of corona are not included in this, because then the figures would give a distorted picture. After all, someone can also have died of "ordinary" influenza: flu.


by Oui on Fri Mar 27th, 2020 at 12:00:09 AM EST
There is nothing to prevent the Dutch authorities doing a post mortem corona virus test to determine the cause of death if they really wanted to find out what the true Covid-19 mortality rate is and do contact tracing to identify possible avenues for further infections...

The dead don't contribute to herd immunity...

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