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Hey guys, we opted for letting it rage with our new allies The Netherlands and BIG benefactor USA's Trump

What is the EU medical equipment scheme and why did UK opt out? | The Guardian |

What has happened in the last 24 hours?

The Foreign Office's permanent secretary, Sir Simon McDonald, flatly contradicted the explanation of the UK's opt-out during an appearance in front of a House of Commons select committee. "It was a political decision," McDonald said. "The UK mission in Brussels briefed ministers about what was available, what was on offer, and the decision is known." The comments raised concerns that Brexit ideology had been put before the practicalities of saving lives.

Within an hour, Hancock denied that there had been a "political decision". Shortly afterwards, McDonald issued a formal correction in a letter to the chair of the foreign affairs select committee,

Commons foreign affairs committee urged to hold inquiry into UK's non-involvement

COVID-19: Commission creates first ever rescEU stockpile of medical equipment | EC - March 19, 2020 |

All EU Member States participate in the Mechanism, as well as Iceland, Norway, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey.

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