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So the option of herd immunity failed ...

Healthcare Costs by 2040 Unattainable, need for rigorous overhaul | RIVM |

In 2060, the biggest part of the budget will be spent on hospital care (increasing by 2.8% per year to 96 billion). The expenditures for caring for handicapped persons and the elderly will also increase greatly. By 2060, the expenditures for mental healthcare will have increased by a factor of five. In relation to specific illnesses, expenses for dementia, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases in particular will increase significantly.

The above findings were the result of the preliminary study of the possible development of health care costs until 2060. RIVM carried out this study at the request of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). The WRR uses the findings to prepare a study of the long-term sustainability of the health care system in the Netherlands.

This foresight study is based on the Costs of Illness Study and the Public Health Foresight Study (VTV) by RIVM. The projections are associated with uncertainties.

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