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In the 1960s, there was a culmination of multiple events. After WWII, there is always an economic slowdown. The women who filled the jobs in the war industry as the men fought in the Pacific and overseas in North Africa and Europe, the elements of women power was set in stone. Barry Goldwater and the Conservative movement was a great failure in 1964. However, as the liberal and progressive movements took root in the 60s and 70s, the seeds of right-wing extremism were cultivated and bloomed during the Reagan Years and thereafter. A perfect counterrevolution and the American Catholic Church was a major stakeholder ... so very sad and a root cause of self-destruction.

So the South American countries, its people suffered from fascism ruled by US installed dictators. Death, torture, executions ... even missionaries belonging to progressive, social views to support a oppressed people. German boots of fascism worn by "educators" from the U.S. Army School of the Americas.

On Flower Power .. a countercultural movement:

'Homo Sovieticus' | The Economist - Nov. 2019 |

Some movements are quite universal and reached beyond Iron Curtains of Soviet dictatorship. Kennedy's Cultural Exchange and the power of music, American Rock & Roll ...

How the U.S. Used Jazz as a Cold War Secret Weapon | TIME |
A Brief History of Soviet Rock and Roll | The Atlantic |

Missing Reality ...

Shaping a New America : Flower Power

Like the UTOPIAN SOCIETIES of the 1840s, over 2000 rural communes formed during these turbulent times. Completely rejecting the capitalist system, many communes rotated duties, made their own laws, and elected their own leaders. Some were philosophically based, but others were influenced by new religions. Earth-centered religions, astrological beliefs, and Eastern faiths proliferated across American campuses. Some scholars labeled this trend as the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING.
Most communes, however, faced fates similar to their 19th century forebears. A charismatic leader would leave or the funds would become exhausted, and the commune would gradually dissolve.

One lasting change from the countercultural movement was in American diet. Health food stores sold wheat germ, yogurt, and granola, products completely foreign to the 1950s America.

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