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Rocking Against the Right: Political Activism and Popular Music in West Germany, 1979-1980

In the 1970s there were many progressive think tanks on issues to advance peace in the world. In past decades, even renowned institutions changed to right-wing strongholds in promoting "self-defense" and complying with the Industrial-Military Complex led by the United States and its multi-billion weapons corporations who need profits to survive. The Fall of the Berlin Wall put the military industry at a cross-roads. Osama Bin Laden saved their a$$es. May the Saudi monarchy and Crown Prince Salman burn in hell till eternity! NATO needs to be cut back drastically! Mea Culpa by former NATO Head Jaap De Hoop Scheffer many years too late ...

Dutch Institute Clingendael was a founded in 1983 and its first director was Henk Neuman. A respectable person I was acquainted with. It was truly an think tank focused on promotion of peace in the world. In 1990 it changed when Joris Voorhoeve took over the reigns and funding came from the Dutch Government Foreign Affairs and Defence. Before the merger, Neuman was director of Netherlands Institute for Questions of Peace (NIVV).

US Foreign Policy from Crisis to Crisis
New American Century - A Balance of ME Failure

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