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"Normalizing" SARS-COv-2 the virus that causes COVID-19

For the past three weeks Hogan and Cuomo (figureheads of the governors' association, of state in the absense of presidential speech) in fear of radical FY deficits, attributable to commercial "lockdown" have publicly lobbied for fiscal "states' aid" from the US Senate, tbh. Of course, both had full budget-trimming terms prior to the COVID panic--but Cuomo's reputation and constituents subsequently suffered most tragically in loss of life, while Hogan predictably exploited veto over spending passed in final hours of (D) legislature.

The morning, 11 May, Hogan signed the "National Hospital Week" proclamation, I posted a simple calculation to test central limit and found insufficient reason to draw conclusion on viral "containment": 2% of Maryland population having been tested under duress to date. 2% is a flacid comp (int'l std of epidem. rigor) but for fervid, trained attention to mortality trend line, especially elderly inmates of "congregate facilities", hospitalization rate, and other minutia. Indeed, the state doesn't graphed new case data as a curve, but quantifies ICU and acute beds occupancy. Neither has Q supply of reliable test kits a plot, though media periodically stimulate interest in new test site locations until customers report unsatisfactory services. Disaggregation by race prompted cursory examination of black decedants' comorbidity by zip code.

While deaths/day are said to be "stable," anecdotal duration of hospitalization (for a range of age cohorts) has lengthened. Again, media seize imaginations by valorizing the releases of patients who've been "fighting" the scourge ≤ 42 days term. Similarly, dramatic annotations to continuous case load dominate reportage from cooling "hot spots" and "epicenters" like NYC; Fauci falls out of his cupboard to estimate ROI in vaccine developments in '21 or '22. But dysfunctional delivery of cash benefits throughout April diverts much more attention from COVID prevention or cure to mundane household responsibilities.

In any case, May 11 turns out to be an auspicious date, because Politico's feed later promoted The Limit proposed by "health officials" (HHS, possibly OMB), White House pushes states to test 2 percent of their populations for coronavirus. Taking this cue--a demonstrable pseudo-scientific effort to "mitigate" public health hazards--governors began to rehearse repeals of orders curtailing commercial business in their states. In parallel form Congress is winding-down economic relief  and liability insurance to definition of an accident. Mathematically and perceptively, the "new normal" American lifestyle embraces an endemic disease no deadlier than seasonal influeza.  

by Cat on Thu May 14th, 2020 at 01:45:31 AM EST
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