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Two Coasts. One Virus. How New York Suffered Nearly 10 Times the Number of Deaths as California.
California's governor and San Francisco's mayor worked together to act early in confronting the COVID threat.
(except for the homeless-can't-stay-home or hotels thingie)
For Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, it was a different story, and 27,000 New Yorkers have died so far.
APsplainin Battle for LA (4M) v NYC (8M): "more than half the state's deaths"
The official noted that California's first case surfaced on Jan. 26, its first death occurred March 4 and its statewide shutdown went into effect March 19, a span of almost two months.

But a range of health officials and scientists interviewed by ProPublica say creating such timelines misses the central issue: No later than Feb. 28, federal officials warned the country that a deadly pandemic was inevitable. It is from that point forward, they say, that any individual state's actions should be judged.

For New York and California, the clock for quick and prudent action in the fight against COVID-19 began ticking no later than Jan. 17 [?!], when the federal government announced it would begin screening passengers arriving in both states from China. The virus had been found outside China and would soon be discovered [!] in DOZENS of countries.
Situation report - 1 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), 21 Jan 2020: JP, ROK, TH
The state's performance once New York fell UNDER SIEGE from the disease has also been challenged. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker -- one of a half-dozen advisers who made up Cuomo's BRAIN TRUST during the crisis -- has been pilloried by the local press for his decision to allow nursing home residents who tested positive for the disease to be returned to those homes. The administration reversed its position this week.
"community spreade," "raft of issues," "a Monte Carlo simulation"
"The good thing is greater than 99 percent will recover without harm. Once people recover they will have immunity. The immunity will protect the herd."

Goldstein did not dispute the report, saying that de Blasio relied on a variety of advice, including his Health Department's.
"Nobody was saying, 'Beware of people coming from Europe.' We weren't testing people coming from Europe," Cuomo said. "We weren't telling anyone at the time if you have a European visitor or European guest, make sure they get tested. They walked right through the airport."
"The way I sleep at night is I believe that we didn't lose anyone that we could have saved, and that is the only solace when I look at these numbers and I look at this pain that has been created that has to be true."

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