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Gilead to end coronavirus drug trials, adding to access worry: researchers, 15 May
Gilead's studies - one in patients with severe COVID-19 and the other in moderate disease - have enrolled around 8,000 [!] subjects, according to FDA statistics. The trials are "open label" meaning they do not compare the treatment to a placebo and participants know they are getting the drug.
wut: ClinicalTrial.gov | Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial (ACTT), PHASE III 572(e)-800, 21 Feb 2020-Apr 2023
wut: ClinicalTrial.gov | A Trial of Remdesivir in Adults With Severe COVID-19, PHASE III 237, 6 Feb-15 Apr 2020 terminated
The NIH is now studying remdesivir alone compared to remdesivir in combination [?] with Olumiant, an anti-inflammatory [!] drug approved for rheumatoid arthritis and sold by Eli Lilly and Co.
Gilead told Tufts it is transitioning to product distribution under the emergency use authorization.

Researchers at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have also heard that the two Gilead studies would stop enrolling patients by the end of the month.
After doctors had questioned the transparency of the allocation process, the federal agency [HHS] said state health departments would distribute the drug.

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