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The issues with the elderly and care homes are similar in Ireland, with 63% of all deaths in residential institutions.  Median age of death has been 84, but people over 65 are rarely sent to ICU's. The view seems to be they are less likely to benefit from the invasive and stressful procedures employed there. Sweden and Ireland's death rates were similar a few weeks back but Sweden has trended upwards since, suggesting that Ireland's stricter lockdown had some marginal benefit.

In general, European death rates have been trending down for quite a while, with the pandemic hot spots moving to the USA, and now to Brazil, Russia, India, and Latin America. I suspect the pandemic will rage havoc in third world countries for possibly many years even as the first world becomes relatively free. Suppression, in the absence of a vaccine, just doesn't look to be a realistic strategy for densely populated, poverty stricken areas.

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