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Irish company praised by EU for developing rapid coronavirus test
Hibergene Diagnostics secures EU approval to market 30-minute test across Europe

The European Commission has hailed the success of Irish company Hibergene Diagnostics in developing a 30-minute test to determine if people have coronavirus.

Hibergene tapped the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation fund for €930,000 to finance its research after its Chinese distributor approached it for help as the virus spread in Wuhan at the start of the year.

The Dublin company was among 18 coronavirus-related projects to win backing when the EU fund put out a special call for ideas to tackle the rapidly spreading pandemic in January. And it is the first to deliver results, with the Irish company securing EU approval on Wednesday to market its new test across Europe.

First batches of the test are now being shipped to Russia and other markets across Europe and the Middle East.

Its test - HG nCoV19 - avoids the need for scarce reagents and can be completed in a fraction of the time required by the big centralised laboratories that have been responsible for testing until now.

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