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Data set is truly worthless to make any comparison between nations.

Quite: each country has different criteria for compiling the numbers, starting with where they get the numbers from.

In addition, there are in some places political pressures to minimize the C-19 death rates. In Russia, Moscow authorities admitted that up to 60% of people who died while having tested positive had another cause of death than C-19 (like heart attack, pulmonary failure...) reported on death certificates. China has reported 82K infected people, but recent leaks tend to indicate the figure may be closer to 640K; also, the thousand of people retrieving urns with ashes of their deceased relatives when the lockdown was lifted in Wuhan. It's tempting: don't count the COVID-19 deaths and your numbers won't look so bad.

by Bernard on Fri May 15th, 2020 at 08:52:06 PM EST
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