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Another clinical trial across the globe funded by the Gates Foundation ....

COVID-19 Drugs: French Entity Plans To Starts Clinical Trial On Ivermectin To Treat COVID-19 | Thailand Medical News |

Australia's Monash University's Biomedicine Discovery Institute and Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity at Royal Melbourne Hospital published the results of a study revealing that the drug, an approved anti-parasitic available worldwide, may actually treat against SARS-CoV-2at least when applied to an infected cell culture in a laboratory. The results were very promising as they found after 48 hours the drug was found to have reduced the viral load of the novel coronavirus from 5,000 units to just one unit representing a reduction of 99.98%.

This got the attention of clinical investigators from a French pharmaceutical research venture who decided to further pursue research and clinical trials into Invermectin.

Strategically assessing the current crisis, Professor Jean-Paul Stahl, head of the infectious diseases unit at Grenoble CHU hospital, said, "Ivermectin is an old medicine. Like chloroquine, it is an anti-parasitical drug, but they are not all the same chemical compound.

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