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"... reports of pressure on US doctors not to report deaths as Covid unless confirmed by test, and tests not being ordered for the deceased." [Front page comment Frank Schnittger]

In Dutch hospitals and healthcare a similar policy except for "pressure" on doctors. In the UK there is immense pressure on medical staff and nurses NOT to complain of poor protection in facilities and lack of PPE.

Overall in the "herd immunity" nations, the elderly and specifically the those in care or nursing homes were left to become infected and face an early, horrible death. I can see no other factor than that it was deliberate. Mitigating the virus spreading through lockdown measures, but leaving nurses vulnerable and by family members visiting the elderly, spread the virus into these facilities. in the month of March, it were the hospital workers who were infected, not being tested, and hospitals became the source of clusters.

Setting the stage to remove the elderly from healthcare and costs - permanently!

Dutch IC Protocol: From Code Red to Black  | March 13 !! |

Only the Medical Facilities of the University in Groningen caught the coronavirus in an early stage through testing, testing, testing. This was NOT supported by the official national CDC organization in the Netherlands, the RIVM.

Due to a lack of insight by the media, journalists and members of Dutch Parliament, no critical questions are asked and PM Mark Rutte rides high on the waves of popularity in polls. He's just as a big a$Shole as PM Boris Johnson in the UK, but manages his PR and presentation better. A young team keeping criticism and tough questions at a comfortable distance.

Math : The Numbers -- Herd Policy A Failure | March 23 |

Questions SP member Dutch parliament angers PM Mark Rutte, shouts out ...

    PM Rutte in anger shouts out: "You cross a boundary of decency." Up till now the PM could send replies to written questions. In the morning, the Commission on Health had a meeting with RIVM Head van Dissel. Members of parliament were well prepared, better than the situation of testing and stock of PPE for first line medical workers.

The House of Representatives at work

by Oui on Sat May 16th, 2020 at 09:37:56 AM EST
Transcript Meeting Dutch Parliament on April 22, 2020: Ms Marijnissen (SP):

Thank you, chairwoman. In one nursing home in Amsterdam, 31 residents have now died of corona. 48 health care providers are infected, one of which is in intensive care. The health care inspector says that the nursing home actually did everything to keep the virus out as much as possible. However, it was also a factor that in the first weeks of the outbreak of the virus there were insufficient protective materials for the care providers. Imagine the grief of 31 families losing a father or a mother. But also imagine the fear of that care staff. They go to work every day with fear in their bodies, fear of becoming infected themselves and fear of infecting the people to whom you would like to provide care. I really have immense respect for the work these people are doing right now. But I also find it almost inhuman that we ask them. When we hear that the curve in the nursing homes is not leveling off, as Van Dissel (RIVM) says, and when we hear from the workers union CNV that they are very concerned about care staff who become ill on a massive scale - last month there was an increase of 40% - then my question to the minister is: how does he view the situation in Dutch nursing homes?

If I listen to the cabinet in this way, I have the idea that you can better be a smartphone looking for an app at this time than a healthcare provider looking for a mask. I would love it if the enthusiasm and enthusiasm with which the app is thought about and worked on, would also be there for starting up the production of protective materials domestically.

The Prime Minister is now getting angry, I understand, chairman. He shouts: "You are crossing a line". But I think we cross a line every day by asking those people to do their jobs without adequate protective equipment. Then the prime minister may get angry and shout, but I think we will cross that line.

This brings me to the testing capacity in the laboratories. For weeks we have been asking why it is not possible to fully utilize that test capacity. We hear from laboratories that there is more space to test, but it does not work. So my question is: how is that possible? Another question concerns the capacity of the GGD. Is it sufficient? That has already been asked. How is it possible that there is not yet an order with the GGD to put everything in place to conduct large-scale contact research?


Production facilities in The Netherlands geared up for delivering surgical face masks

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From my diary - From Outbreak to a Global Pandemic



All three Conservative Party leaders Trump - Johnson - Rutte were proponents of "herd immunity" to favor saving the economy over a large number of deaths in the population. These men in power carry a burden of responsibility for suffering and unnecessary deaths. The coronavirus lives and is carried around the globe by hosts. Capitalism and Narcissistic leaders: LIVES DON'T MATTER.

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Trump On Healthcare Workers: 'They're Running Into Death Just Like Soldiers Run Into Bullets' | Forbes |

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