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Where agreement was possible, it was done. But a huge number of issues were parked for future resolution:
Coalition deal may see Irish politics change forever (Subscriber only).
The 7 per cent will be difficult and few Fine Gaelers and Fianna Fáilers believe it will achieved in full, every year. But they also know it will be underpinned by law, and can't be ignored, long-fingered, pushed off the agenda. They know the Greens will be on their case about it every day. It will be by some distance the most radical environmental measure an Irish government has ever adopted.

There are kicks to touch aplenty, of course. Observers delighted in counting them up: seven commissions, six taskforces, four committees, 73 (!) reviews, two working groups, two forums, two councils, three citizens' assemblies, two agencies, a court and an expert group, according to one count. But that is the nature of these things. Problems that can be solved, or have to be solved, are; others are postponed.

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