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Unfortunately for Boris Johnson, much of Europe has moved on from Brexit
However, things are different now. Back then, the UK was still a member state leaving the bloc; now, it's a third country, and the EU has moved on to the various bigger fish it needs to fry. These include passing its seven-year budget (the Multiannual Financial Framework or MFF) and coronavirus recovery package last week, with an attendant four days of bitter rows and negotiations.

"If Brexit is second in our list of priorities, imagine how far down the list it is of EU member states," says Anand Menon, professor of European politics at King's College London. "All this stuff about Brussels better brace itself, compared to the €1.8 trillion [$2.1 trillion] they just signed off, it's small beer."

The pandemic remains a much more pressing emergency for the 27-nation bloc. "We are focused on the recovery of the European Union -- that's the priority," said one EU diplomat who is not authorized to speak on the record. "When you've spent four days with the heads of every EU government arguing over trillions of euros, you start to see why Brexit is just not on our radar anymore. Unfortunately, the Brits are a little too self-involved to see that."

by Bernard on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 at 05:25:54 PM EST

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