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'Better for Her Majesty not to know': palace letters reveal Queen's role in sacking of Australian PM Whitlam | The Guardian |

Governor general John Kerr canvassed Queen and her personal secretary about his powers to dismiss Gough Whitlam but did not forewarn them.

Secret correspondence between Buckingham Palace and the governor general of Australia reveal discussion of a "last resort" option to dismiss then prime minister Gough Whitlam, but the final decision on the sacking was kept from the Queen as it "was better for Her Majesty not to know in advance".

The 211 letters, dubbed the palace letters, were finally released on Tuesday, after a four-year court battle launched by historian Jenny Hocking to remove one of the final veils of secrecy still shrouding one of Australia's greatest political crises.

That crisis reached its peak on 11 November 1975, when Kerr sacked Whitlam.

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Fraser used intelligence agencies to counter protests against Kerr

Kerr also spoke of support he had received from a "very rightwing organisation which has taken up my cause - the League of Rights". He attached an Asio report finding the organisation had antisemitic leanings. Kerr said the organisation was distributing pamphlets in support of him and saying things that were "true enough".

But Kerr also noted: "Someone in the press, coining a phrase, has said, `with friends like these who needs enemies'. Eric Butler who is leader of the organisation is said to be racist and antisemitic but these things are not stressed in his organisation. I enclose an Asio report on his organisation. It is very pro-monarchy."

The League a social and political movement based on the theory of Social Credit as espoused by the English engineer and economic theorist C H Douglas (1879-1952)

Eventually, Douglas concluded that the main obstacle to the success of Social Credit was a world-wide Jewish conspiracy, in which Freemasons, International Finance, Communists and Nazis colluded to destroy Christian civilisation.

Fascism abounds throughout history ... close ties to the British monarchy.

Australian Conservatism: Essays in Twentieth Century Political History
Antisemitism Report 2009 - Australia WJC

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