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On the scale of problems effecting US democracy, I would list:
  1. Importance of private money donations, amounting to bribery on an industrial scale
  2. Corporations being treated as "people" for the purposes of said bribery
  3. Gerrymandering, with constituency boundaries not being determined by an independent commission after every census, as in Ireland
  4. Politicisation of the Judiciary
  5. The "first past the post" single seat constituency system, which creates a two party polarising dynamic
  6. Importance of paid advertising to the whole process, whereby people and parties become, in effect, brands, and truth becomes irrelevant
  7. No effective remedies for falsehoods propagated as part of the process - strange in an otherwise very litigious society
  8. Control of the media by oligarchs and major corporations
  9. Electoral college and Senate composition, combined with two senators per state, no matter how small, and the filibuster- enabling a small minority to block change
  10. The military/industrial complex- with an interest in exacerbating external conflicts to maximise internal budgets

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