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No one perceives Kamala?! in the "left." Not even DJT. He's not given her a byte of interest from the daily dross heaped on Biden's demented 40-year record. Meanwhile, Kamala?! is already struggling to fulfill her symbolic, multi-modal, inter-racial GOTV function; Hard-core cynics expect her to assume Biden's office mid-term, as she has spoken a few times of her duties as president.

The flashpoint for issue voters will be establishment of LAW 'N' ORDER. The violent protests--diverse factions under one caption--this summer will not be forgot by either liberals or conservatives. However, DNC media run on Trump "voter suppression" through US Postal Service sabotage has temporarily dampened feedback on the conspicuous absence of police reform in its official platform. (R) and (D) are barely indistinguishable from moderates, "center right," or conservatives from this domestic aspect. (R) target ethnic immigrants; (D) target lawless Trump. I fear, neither candidate will relate agitation to commercial disruption, attributable to global dependencies severed by the pandemic. US interstate commerce has rebounded sufficiently under press neglect of heroic "essential workers" and despite dismal failures of (5) five "Covid" stimulus bills enacted by congress--which has recessed until 16 Sep. Dramatic stimulus and FY budget appropriation bottle necks await. Unless the press relates imminent housing and credit losses, there will be no "October surprise" here.

The president-elect may well be contested, but neither party would permit any such archaic solution as prescribed by US Constitution to arbitrate. It didn't happen in 2000, and it won't happen now.

by Cat on Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 at 11:38:17 PM EST
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