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Regarding the choice of Kamala Harris, I think the relevant aspect is that the establishment faction has chosen a safe pair of hands to take over. And I think the whole Veep-stakes thing that has been going on was mostly to stay in the headlines, it was always Kamala Harris.

Harris was widely promoted by establishment media when she entered the race, resulting in high poll numbers until she was deflated by Gabbard in the debates who pointed out Harris actual record. That Harris went on to drop out before the voting even started doesn't matter. That her record as a prosecutor is a sink in an election year dominated by the question of police violence, doesn't mattter. She is a safe establishment candidate who will only flirt progressive causes (like Medicare for All) when it doesn't matter (like in a Repulican controlled Senate or a Presidential primary race) and be counted on to drop them if it matters.

If Biden wins Harris is the presumtive nominee for 2024  (might even do a Yeltsin/Putin and have Biden resign before the term is up so she can run as incumbent), which the establishment counts on will be enough to head off any progressive challenger.

Given this I think it would be fairly rational for progressive voters to vote Green, leave it blank, or even vote Trump in order to prevent the above scenario. This is a consequence of the actions of the establishment faction, that is so unwilling to share the power that the only way for progressives to advance is for the establishment to lose.

Now, voters are not best analyzed as rational robots, so I don't know how big effect that will have, but given the razor thin margins that US presidential elections can turn on, it might be enough. Of course that is as long as the Biden campaign is offering nothing but a restoration of Obama's policies, a bellicose attitude towards Russia and not being Trump. Then again, not being Trump might be enough.

by fjallstrom on Wed Aug 19th, 2020 at 09:39:38 AM EST

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