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But she only has leverage versus a member state in this case Ireland. It doesn't work versus the Council as a whole as sticking people with more or less powerful portfolios is a zero-sum game (unless one really goes into the whole shooting oneself in the foot territory). And it is the council that appoints.

So it is a power grab both from the Council and the member state, but mostly from the Council. Presumably with the approval of the Council as they otherwise could slap her down. If we add in the power struggle over the real power of appointing the Commission President between the Council and the Parliament that the Council won in 2019, reserving for itself the real power that the Parliament attempted to seize for itself and the voting public, I think we are looking at an attempt by the Council (or the ruling fraction thereof) to create a more Presidential model, appointed by itself naturally.

Of course, this might seem a bit Kremlinology from a thin foundation, but I am hard pressed to see this apparent change in procedure as anything but a step in changing the power structure.

by fjallstrom on Wed Sep 2nd, 2020 at 12:15:45 PM EST
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