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There wasn't a majority in Parliament for any particular vision of Brexit, but one could have been created.

One can imagine a different approach from May (or someone else being PM) where you start with formulating the options, holding indicative votes in her own Conservative party group, trying to formulate a consensus. Failing that, checking with the opposition parties to formulate a common majority in exchange for influence over the negotiations. Failing that, she could have held indicative votes in parliament to show that there is no majority for any particular visions.

Then either going for no Brexit failing a majority for any particular Brexit and blaming parliament (gambling on events making Brexit less of an issue down the road, which it probably would have been in that alternative 2020) or commiting to a particular vision of Brexit, purging her party of opponents and then taking this particular Brexit to the country in a new election.

Instead she triggered the declaration and went to elections which even if she had won had not given her a majority for any particular Brexit.

To further my simile it is if the college student had decided to graduate within two years, but still haven't decided what to graduate as. It forces the situation, but only in making it worse.

Hard Brexit by incompetence.

by fjallstrom on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 at 12:03:59 PM EST
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